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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Five Weeks

The countdown has begun.  The days are being marked off and thoughts are drifting toward that idyllic place called "Summer."  As I hear the hallway talk and watch the calendar days disappear, it reminds me that, yes, summer is coming, but more importantly, our time is limited.  We have just a moment left with this group of kids and then they are off to the next grade.  This remaining time is so precious.  I wrote the post below for my staff in our Friday newsletter to remind them of all that we can do with the short time we have left.  I hope you enjoy.

I looked at the calendar today and realized that we have five more weeks of school.  Just five weeks.  What on earth can you do in five weeks?  I would have to say quite a lot.

In five weeks, you can
  • inspire a child to become better.
  • build stronger relationships with your kids.
  • raise a child’s reading level by (fill in the blank).
  • teach your children new math/reading/writing strategies.
  • recognize something positive about every child in your class.
  • Encourage every staff member in the building
  • help a child get their AR shirt.
  • Make a positive contact with every parent in your classroom.
  • try a new teaching strategy.
  • visit another classroom and see how someone else teaches.
  • read that book you’ve been trying to get to all year.
  • develop a new habit.
  • learn more about a coworker.
  • walk 33 miles (if you just walk one mile a day).
  • read 33 blog posts (by just reading one a day).
  • Start setting goals for next year.
  • Add your own ideas to this list

How will you choose to use the next five weeks?  Whatever you choose, use it well.

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